Epic Certification Cost vs. Salary Increase A Potential Payoff Analysis

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What is Epic Certification? (brief explanation)

Epic Certification is a globally recognized qualification that validates an individual’s knowledge and skills in using Epic, an electronic health record (EHR) system widely used in healthcare organizations. It demonstrates proficiency in utilizing Epic’s functionalities to manage patient data, automate workflows, and facilitate clinical decision-making.

Epic Certification is offered at various levels, ranging from basic to advanced, catering to different user roles and responsibilities. It is typically obtained through a combination of training, self-study, and passing certification exams. Individuals who achieve Epic Certification gain recognition for their expertise and contribute to the effective implementation and optimisation of Epic systems in healthcare settings.

Why is it valuable? (career benefits)

Epic Certification holds significant value for healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers and enhance their contributions to patient care. Here are some key career benefits.

Increased Job Opportunities: Epic Certification opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities in healthcare organizations that use Epic systems. Certified individuals are highly sought after due to their specialized knowledge and skills.

Career Advancement: Achieving Epic Certification demonstrates an individual’s commitment to professional development and can lead to promotions and leadership positions within healthcare IT or clinical departments.

Enhanced Salary Potential: Certified Epic professionals typically command higher salaries compared to their non-certified counterparts due to their specialized expertise and value to healthcare organizations.

Improved Patient Care: Epic Certification empowers healthcare professionals to leverage Epic’s functionalities effectively, leading to improved patient care outcomes, such as reduced medical errors, increased efficiency, and enhanced communication between healthcare providers.

Professional Recognition: Epic Certification is a globally recognized credential that signifies an individual’s proficiency in using Epic systems. It serves as a testament to one’s expertise and dedication to the field of healthcare IT.

Epic Certification Cost

Cost Breakdown (general range)

The cost of Epic Certification varies depending on the level of certification and the training provider. However, here is a general range of costs to provide an overview.

  • Basic Certification: £50 0-£1,000
  • Intermediate Certification: £1,000-£1,500
  • Advanced Certification: £1,500-£2,000

These costs typically include training materials, exam fees, and certification fees. Some training providers may offer bundled packages that include multiple levels of certification at a discounted rate.

In addition to the initial certification costs, individuals may also incur expenses for ongoing maintenance and renewal of their certification. This typically involves completing continuing education credits or retaking certification exams at regular intervals.

It is important to note that the costs mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as location, training provider, and individual circumstances.

Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors can affect the cost of Epic Certification, including.

Level of Certification: Advanced certification levels typically cost more than basic or intermediate levels due to the higher level of knowledge and skills required.

Training Provider: Different training providers may charge varying fees for Epic Certification courses and exams. It is advisable to compare costs from multiple providers before making a decision.

Location: The cost of Epic Certification may vary depending on the location of the training provider or testing center.

Bundled Packages: Some training providers offer bundled packages that include multiple levels of certification at a discounted rate. This can be a cost-effective option for individuals seeking comprehensive Epic Certification.

Continuing Education and Renewal: Maintaining Epic Certification requires ongoing continuing education credits or retaking certification exams at regular intervals. These costs should be factored into the overall cost of Epic Certification.

Individual Circumstances: Factors such as prior knowledge and experience in using Epic systems may influence the amount of training and support an individual requires, which can impact the overall cost.

It is recommended to research and compare costs from different training providers and consider individual circumstances to determine the most cost-effective path to Epic Certification.

Type of certification (different modules have varying costs)

Epic Certification offers various modules that cater to different roles and responsibilities within healthcare organizations. The cost of certification varies depending on the specific module and level of certification pursued.

Basic Certification:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory: £500-£1,000
  • EpicCare Inpatient: £500-£1,000
  • EpicCare Emergency Department: £500-£1,000

Intermediate Certification:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory – Advanced: £1,000-£1,500
  • EpicCare Inpatient – Advanced: £1,000-£1,500
  • EpicCare Emergency Department – Advanced: £1,000-£1,500

Advanced Certification:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory – Expert: £1,500-£2,000
  • EpicCare Inpatient – Expert: £1,500-£2,000
  • EpicCare Emergency Department – Expert: £1,500-£2,000

In addition to these core modules, Epic also offers certification in specialized areas such as Revenue Cycle Management, Supply Chain Management, and Data Analytics. The costs for these specialized certifications may vary.

It is important to note that these Epic Certification Cost are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as training provider, location, and individual circumstances.

Training method (in-person vs. online)

Epic Certification training is available through both in-person and online methods. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages:

In-Person Training:

  • Pros:
    • Provides a structured and immersive learning environment.
    • Allows for direct interaction with instructors and classmates.
    • Facilitates hands-on practice and real-time feedback.
  • Cons:
    • It can be more expensive than online training.
    • Requires travel and accommodation expenses for out-of-town participants.
    • May have limited availability and scheduling options.

Online Training:

  • Pros:
    • Offers flexibility and convenience, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and schedule.
    • Typically more affordable than in-person training.
    • Provides access to a wider range of courses and materials.
  • Cons:
    • Lacks the direct interaction and hands-on experience of in-person training.
    • Requires self-discipline and motivation to stay on track.
    • It may not be suitable for all learning styles.

The best training method depends on individual preferences, learning styles, and circumstances. It is advisable to consider the pros and cons of each method before making a decision.

Additional resources (practice exams, study materials)

In addition to formal training courses, there are various resources available to support individuals preparing for Epic Certification.

Practice Exams:

  • Help candidates assess their knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide a realistic simulation of the actual certification exam.
  • It can be purchased from Epic or third-party vendors.

Study Materials:

  • Provide comprehensive coverage of the exam topics.
  • Include textbooks, online resources, and interactive simulations.
  • Can be obtained from Epic, training providers, or self-study materials.

Online Forums and Communities:

  • Connect candidates with other Epic users and certification holders.
  • Provide opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others.
  • Can be found on platforms such as Epic Community Connect and LinkedIn groups.

Hands-on Experience:

  • Gaining practical experience using Epic systems in a healthcare setting can be invaluable.
  • Consider volunteering or seeking opportunities to work on Epic projects.
  • Practical experience helps solidify knowledge and improve confidence.

Utilizing these additional resources can significantly enhance preparation for Epic Certification and increase the likelihood of success.

Travel and accommodation (for in-person training)

For individuals attending in-person Epic Certification training, travel and accommodation expenses should be considered.


  • Determine the cost of transportation toand from the training location.
  • Consider options such as flights, trains, or driving.
  • Book travel arrangements in advance to secure the best rates.


  • Research and compare hotel options near the training venue.
  • Consider factors such as proximity, amenities, and cost.
  • Make reservations well in advance, especially if training is during peak season.

Additional Expenses:

  • Factor in costs for meals, snacks, and incidentals during the training period.
  • Consider the availability of dining options near the training venue.
  • Plan a budget for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

It is advisable to contact the training provider for any specific recommendations or discounts on travel and accommodation arrangements.

Who Pays

The responsibility for支付Epic Certification costs can vary depending on individual circumstances and organizational policies.


  • Individuals may choose to pay for their own Epic Certification, particularly if they are seeking career advancement or personal development.
  • Self-funding allows for greater flexibility and control over the timing and type of certification pursued.


  • Healthcare organizations may recognize the value of Epic Certification and offer financial support to their employees.
  • Employer sponsorship typically covers the cost of training, exam fees, and certification renewal.
  • Organizations may require employees to commit to a certain period of employment in exchange for sponsorship.

Government Funding:

  • In some cases, government grants or funding programs may be available to support Epic Certification for individuals or organisations.
  • Eligibility criteria and application processes vary depending onthe specific program.

It is recommended to explore all funding options and consider individual circumstances, career goals, and organisational policies when determining who will pay for Epic Certification.

Typically covered by employers (sponsorship)

Epic Certification is typically covered by employers in the following scenarios.

Organisational Investment:

  • Healthcare organizations recognize the value of Epic Certification in enhancing patient care and improving operational efficiency.
  • By sponsoring employees’ certification, organizations invest in their workforce and demonstrate a commitment to professional development.

Essential Skill Requirement:

  • For certain roles within healthcare organizations, Epic Certification may be a mandatory requirement.
  • Sponsoring employees’ certification ensures that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively.

Career Advancement Opportunities:

  • Epic Certification can open doors to career advancement within healthcare organisations.
  • Employers may sponsor employees’ certifications to prepare them for leadership or specialized roles.

Employee Retention:

  • Sponsoring Epic Certification can serveas a valuable employee benefit and contribute to staff retention.
  • Employees appreciate the investment in their professional growth and are more likely to remain loyal to organisations that support their development.

It is important to note that employer sponsorship policies may vary, and it is advisable to inquire about specific arrangements within each organisation.

Average cost range ($500 – $10,000)

The average cost range for Epic Certification varies depending on several factors, including the level of certification, training provider, and location. Here is a general overview.

Basic Certification:

  • Typically ranges from £500 to £2,000.
  • Covers fundamental knowledge and skills for using Epic systems in specific modules.

Intermediate Certification:

  • Typically ranges from £1,500 to £3,000.
  • Builds upon basic certification and focuses on more advanced concepts and functionalities.

Advanced Certification:

  • Typically ranges from £2,500 to £5,000.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge and expertise in specialised areas of Epic systems.

Bundled Packages:

  • Some training providers offer bundled packages that include multiple levels of certification at a discounted rate.
  • These packages can range from £5,000 to £10,000 or more.

It is important to note that these cost ranges are approximate and may vary depending on specific circumstances. It is advisable to contact training providers for accurate pricing information.

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